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Photo by singer/songwriter David Anderson

Here's the Zephyr Dobro designed by Don Young, MacGregor Gaines and me in 1987.
That's a 1987 version of me right there, too.

It was the prototype for the top of the line. Fewer than thirty Zephyrs were produced. None but the prototype was a 10-string. Most were 6-strings and a couple were 8-strings. Rick Turner has the first production model. Incidentally, they sound great.

Want to know more? Click here for an article I wrote a while back on how we came up with it and all.

The tuning--from low to high--is:

Notes:     D    A    D    E    F#   A    D    F#   C#   E 
ScaleStep: 1    5    1    2    3    5    1    3    7    2 
Gauges:  .070 .045 .032 .028 .024w.022 .014 .0115.017 .013
Right now, I'm using slightly heavier strings on the top eight. I'll let you know how that works.

Here's a link you might enjoy: Bobby Lee Quasar's Steel Guitar Page. There's great steel guitar stuff there, including tunings and pictures, and it has more links to other cool sites.

Another favorite of mine is Brad's Page of Steel, with extensive and ever-expanding coverage of lap steels, related products, and the people that play them. Excellent stuff.


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