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Brad's Page of Steel Well done and ever-expanding coverage of lap steels, related products, and the people that play them. Excellent stuff. Has some tablature that I contributed.

David Lindley, Pleemhead Extraordinaire Mr. Dave himself.

Rick Shubb
and I have done lots of cool things together in the over 30 years we've known each other. He builds great instrument capos, makes cool software--and he's a delightful artist. I got a chance to help him on the design of a Dobro bar, the SP2, that you can see on his web site. I also feel somewhat responsible for early and continuous proddings that led to the development of what I consider to be the best Dobro capo in captivity. He has also put up scans of some of his artwork, like his concert posters.

David Nelson and I have known each other since grammar school in San Carlos, California. We both took steel guitar at Gelb Music in Redwood City. Throughout the 60's, we spent a lot of time listening to and playing and studying music. I got my first really good banjo from him, a Paramount Style A that he got from Jerry Garcia. We were in the first incarnation of High Country, played together in the New Riders, the Dead Ringers, and Pig Pen's Friends. Recently, we headlined a festival in Southern California with a band made up of Vassar Clements (fiddle), David (guitar), me (dobro & banjo), and Gabe Witcher (bass). David has his own band, David Nelson Band

The Strawberry Festival of Music is my favorite festival. I've played there with several bands, including a kick-ass set set with Vassar Clements in the Fall of '97. Click here for my own Strawberry page.

Lee Hinde is a creative 4th Dimension developer. And, he's fun to work with.

Phil Salazar's "Om" Page Fiddle Wizard meets the Web!

Quasar Steel Guitar
Bobby Lee Quasar's extensive, thoughtful and informative pedal steel pages.

Tom Bradshaw has a site for pedal steel guitar products. You can get recordings not available anywhere else, and there is a fine selection of lesson tapes and packages. I recommend anything by Paul Franklin, one of my favorite players, and one of my favorite teachers.

My favorite banjo company, the Deering Banjo Comany, has a website. Check out some excellent banjos. You can see all of the models and listen to recorded examples of Deerings in action.

My favorite resophonic comany, National Reso-Phonic, has a site. The company was founded by Don Young and MacGregor Gaines, whom you'll find mentioned here on my site in my story about the making of the Zephyr.

Kristina Olsen is one of my favorite singer/songwriter/perfomers. I highly recommend her next-to-latest album "Hurry On Home." There are links on her page about the album, which is produced by--and features--one of my very most special favorite producers and guitarists, Nina Gerber. Her most recent album, "live from around the world" is also on my Highly Reommended list.

USPS ZIP+4 Lookup Form for your convenience.

The Macromedia Web Site
The greatest in multimedia software development tools.

Aliens? Roswell? Faces on Mars? The HAARP Project? I first heard Richard C. Hoagland on the Art Bell show years ago and got hooked. Both guys really get you thinking and wondering.

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